Protecting Environment

Protecting EnvironmentEnvironment is the most valuable part of life. The future earth is depending on the environment, if it is well protected, the earth will be in a good condition. Some people believe, protecting environment is the responsibility of the government, they think protection environment costs a huge budget and wastes much time. However,  some people believe that protection of the environment is the duty of all people who live on the earth, not only govenrmnt. There are several reasons why protecting environment is the obligation of all minkind.

Firstly,  environment damage are caused by human. Air pollution, water polllution, deforestation and some other dangerous problems are resulted by the inappropriate actions done by human. Indonesian Govenrment has taken many ways to solve the problems related to the environment. However, if the awareness of the people to reduce the harmful actions to the eenvironment does not exist, the effort of the government will be useles.

Secondly, protecting environment gives positive effects to the health.  The raising of air pullution are already affecting the human health. Vehicles’ exhaust can cause some serius problem to human’s health, such as lung cancer and bronchitist. This pollution can be minimized by  planting trees, a tree can absorb carbon dioxide and release enough oxigent to support human. Gonernment has compaigned “Go Green”   program for the last 3 year, each person is reccomended to plant a tree. Therefore , the program will be succeded if all of the people participate in this program and make the the clean air.

Finally, the extension of the animals are extremely depending on the friendly environment. The contaminated water gives detrimental effects for some animals. Many people and factories in a big city, like jakarta, emit their exhaust to rivers. In fact, water pollution is potentially harmful to both marine and land ecosystem. Government has facilitated to protect the environment. However, this programs requires the awarness of individuals to be friendly to the envoroment. The future earth is depending on every person to keep their environment clean.

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